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Gold is an alternative to money to make your dreams a reality

Sell Your Used Gold

CMB gold traders offer quick spot cash for your old used gold, gold coins and gold bars. Being the booming gold traders in the heart of Colombo city, the company finds ways to expand its service centers all around the island. CMB gold traders expertise in buying gold and other associated gold trading services.

Our traders seek to provide safe, secure and convenient experience in selling their gold for the maximum benefiting price. In Sri Lanka, CMB is the best gold trader who seek opportunities to save customer from pledging and release from gold loans. In some cases, customers possess with scrap gold which is completely no use for any purpose. But our traders offer possible monetary values for such scrap gold.

As an additional benefit, we update our customers with real-time gold pricings based up on the fluctuations. As such gold pricing report will support to anticipate the possible changes in the gold pricing when approaching CMB gold traders.

To provide our customer the best experience, we conduct all the gold trading procedure in a transparent manner where the customer finds convenient. The process of gold measurement and identifying all the physical quantities of the gold is much crucial to calculate the monetary value for the gold. Unlikely to the other pawning centers and bankers, CMB offers a one hundred percent transparent service in measuring and providing qualitative certificate on your gold.

Apart from CMB’s unique qualities, the existing customer base recognize CMB as the highest cash payee for their gold. Indeed, among all the Sri Lankan pawning centers and banking institutions, CMB offers the maximum threshold of cash for gold.

In addition to all the business values, the staff at CMB gold trading center offer the best support for the customer. As our organization believe caring is the utmost mantra of success and the key essence to gain larger customer base among other competitors. We warmly welcome all our customers to experience the greatest hospitality at CMB gold Company

Stop halting your dreams

We offers multiple gold releasing, gold buying & selling and other associated services to assist you to overcome from financial crisis.

CMB Gold Compnay suports to sort all your problems with pledged gold and get handful of cash and whole hearted happiness.
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CMB Gold Company does not buy Stolen or unauthentic gold. Selling Stolen gold or fake gold is a criminal offense and if found person will be handed over to law enforcement authorities.

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