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CMB Gold Company


Q. Can you release gold which has already been pledged in a bank or finance company?

Yes ! We undertake responsibilities to release gold which are pledged in banks, pawning centers and other registered pawning brokers.

Q. How does this work? And How do I proceed?

Our CMB contact channels can be approached by all the social media platforms as mentioned. Initially, the customer should present us with the pledged ticket and the details of pending or unpaid monthly installment of the loan value (loan equity + interest), pledge ticket/receipts, NIC copy and Address proof. Our evaluation team will verify the details and present a summative amount for the gold pledged. To notify customers, the team will immediately act on releasing the gold if there is more or higher monetary value in the gold pledged.

Q. How long the process will take and will the amount be paid instantly?

Once the gold is released, as a second step our team will conduct the quality evaluation checking process and then later the amount will be paid.

Q. What is the minimum quantity for release gold?

The minimum quantity is 8 grams for release gold.

Q. Can I keep some part of my gold which has been released?

No you cannot keep some part of your gold. The whole amount of gold should be released and the maximum cash for the gold value will be paid instantly.

Q. What if I am not satisfied with the valuation after release of gold?

Typically, we give you a prior estimation based upon the pledging ticket and the gold pledged. The process of gold release and payment transaction will be conducted once the you agreed and signed the consent proforma issued. We always ensure the transactions and dealings are transparent and no hidden pit falls.

Q. What if the value of the gold turns out to be lower than the released value?

This is a bitter fact of this gold releasing process and most of the time this incident could occur due to the inadequate information provided by the customer. Every customer should bear in mind that the estimation of prior to the release should be precise and accurate to make apt decisions.

In a worst case scenario, when there is a different in pre-release valuation and post release valuation, the differentiated cash value should be paid by customer.

Q. : Can you release my gold loan from multiple locations?

Yes, indeed, we have set up more than 8 branches in all around the major cities of Sri Lanka. Thus, customers can reach out to seek our instant services within the stipulated service timings.

Q. : Are there any additional service charges for this service?

No this service is free of charge, at the case when you decide not to go ahead with the estimated value for gold, you will have to pay off the CMB gold traders a 5% of the total value of relapsed amount.

Q. : Will I be accompanied by your representative to the bank or finance company?

Yes, you will be authorizing our representative to release the gold on your behalf. Our representative will deposit the releasing amount to the financial institution and will get the gold under his/her possession with the presence of you.

The released gold will be bringing back to the final valuation and settlements to our trade center.

CMB Gold Company does not buy Stolen or unauthentic gold. Selling Stolen gold or fake gold is a criminal offense and if found person will be handed over to law enforcement authorities.

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