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CMB Gold is the symbolic representation for gold trade in Sri Lanka. CMB Gold is the first company launched online gold trading in Sri Lanka. CMB Gold has almost a half-decade of history in Sri Lankan gold trade industry. Since 2015, the company serving in multitude aspects of gold trading. At the same time, CMB Gold showing a dynamic growth in the digitalized gold trading company. Indeed, CMB Gold is a well-known digital driven gold trading company which is progressing towards to become a market leader in the gold trading industry.

CMB Gold offers multiple gold based trade services to their clients such as buying and selling gold and liberates pledged gold from the banking institutions in Sri Lanka. The company has set up more than 7 (Kandy, Gampaha, Kalutara, Ratnapura, kurunagala, Ampara and Kalmuna) numbers of branches all around the island and the service grid has been expanded up to all island wide. In fact, CMB Gold has the pride of liberating pledged gold from the financial institutions and reimburse the monetary value equivalent to the current gold price ratings for the first owner of the gold. In other words, our customers do not need to worry of pledged gold as they obtain two in one solution by tapping our web portal. The customer gets the equivalent amount of cash for the pledged gold instead of leaving nothing from the pledged financial institutions.

As an organization, CMB Gold has set up its vision to transform the gold trading industry into a formal environment with all the legal necessities. On the positive side, the company aiming to provide one hundred percent protective against the gold forwarded into auction list by the financial institutions. Most of the times, customers face severe financial issues while liberating their pledged gold. But in this case, In the presence of CMB Gold traders, the pledged gold will be liberated by the company and the first owner (customer) will gain the current market price for the pledged gold in the bank or any pawning centers. CMB Gold directly intervenes as a third party between the bond of customer and bank/pawning center, to liberate the pledged gold (when the customer faces financial difficulties).

We facilitate user friendly services both through online medium and physical meetings with customers. Typically, the team of customer relations reply queries of customers through what’s-app, messenger, IMO and viber within not more than minutes. Also, we are much pleasure to express the current number of customer base which has grown up to more than 100 thousand.

Overall, CMB Gold serve to protect people who are in need and seek financial support to go ahead their fundamental needs. In brief, our business environment helps needy people, who want to sell their gold in most transparent environment with the best possible rate as pre their needs and convenience.

Vision Statement

To be recognized as the market leader in gold trading in the all aspects of Sri Lanka. Also, operating the business with care, honesty and integrity regardless of any race or religion. Through providing quality service with accurate gold measurement and utmost cash value for the gold.

Mission Statement

Supply our customers with high quality services through maintaining transparency, accuracy and caring values in business. Providing prosperity and value preservation is another essence of business which attracts massive amount of customers towards the business operations. Fair prices for gold buying and high quality service in certifying gold are the driving factors which made CMB digital driven gold traders as the brand mark.

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We offers multiple gold releasing, gold buying & selling and other associated services to assist you to overcome from financial crisis.

CMB Gold Compnay suports to sort all your problems with pledged gold and get handful of cash and whole hearted happiness.
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CMB Gold Company does not buy Stolen or unauthentic gold. Selling Stolen gold or fake gold is a criminal offense and if found person will be handed over to law enforcement authorities.

Registration No : PV00235552
NGJA License No : CBA20234

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